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January 29th

***My album is out TODAY!  You can go buy it now in the store!***



January 27th

Can you say you've made a good album when MOJO gives it 4 Stars?!








January 26th

Just Announced: Los Angeles, CA - Feb 17 at The Satellite RECORD RELEASE.  Click here for more info.



January 25th

I recently did an interview for The Vinyl District, here’s a quick exert

"I played the heck out of Blondie’s Parallel Lines when I was three, Beatles Rubber Soul when I was nine, and XTC’s Skylarking when I was eleven. When Michael Jackson and Madonna were popular in the mid eighties, I proclaimed on the playground that I was into XTC, which garnered a few quizzical stares. Rubber Soul helped comfort me during a childhood depression at the age of eleven. So you could say music has always been a big part of my life."

You can read more here...