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NYC Bowery Ballroom 4/12 and 4/13


Official "7th Ray" video premiers exclusively through Bullet Media TODAY!!!!


"Echoes of the Dreamtime" CD of the month on Echoes Radio this month!  Click here to view.


TONIGHT at the Satellite will be a VERY special night indeed as Miranda Lee Richards and her bandmates perform the FULLY ORCHESTRATED live version of her new album from start to finish! With special guests on pedal steel, flute, cello, violin, trumpet, sitar, vocals, and keyboards.

Don't miss openers Lael Neale and Pete Molinari. I will spin the records.


My album is out TODAY!  You can go buy it now in the store!


Can you say you've made a good album when MOJO gives it 4 Stars?!


Just Announced: Los Angeles, CA - Feb 17 at The Satellite RECORD RELEASE.  Click here for more info.



Looking forward to playing the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles June 7th with the beautiful Leslie Stevens and Henry Wagons!  We will be pulling out some country tunes for this one.  And as always, we will have Echoes merch for sale.  Tickets


Hey!  New live show... Folk Yeah Presents Miranda Lee Richards and friends at the Chapel in San Francisco July 7th.

See the Facebook link here

Also The Chapel ticket link here


See you there!

Next full band show at El CID 7/1 with Emily Jane White, Savannah Wheeler, and House of Wolves! Tickets available at the venue, doors 9pm.

May 1st

I'm playing the Amoeba 25th Anniversary show at the Hollywood Farmer's market this Sunday 5/1, 10am.  Come get your shopping done for the week and enjoy some love music!


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